Easter Basket Butterfly Bracelet - Mint & Baby Blue

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Happy Spring... Easter Basket Butterfly Bracelet. These are hand strung on elastic with colorful vinyl beads and finished with a pretty butterfly bead. 

TMC Bracelets are super fun, light and easy to wear. Every bracelet is unique and there will always be slight imperfections, flaws and irregularities in all of my pieces. No two are every created equal and that is the beauty!

Due to the unique nature of handmade products, size will vary from bracelet to bracelet but this is a loose guideline:
This is sized for a toddler-pre teen
If you need larger or smaller, please message me :)

Be sure to roll the bracelet off and on to avoid too much stress on the elastic.

*Listing is for 1 bracelet, please note that availability is subject to change depending on inventory*